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Thursday, May 2, 2013

From Paris with love... Lubin Perfume

Lubin perfume is one of the oldest perfume houses in the world - with its history linking to the high-society of the Napoleonic era... The product was an indicator and reflection of social hierarchy.
Founded in 1798 by Pierre François Lubin, who began supplying 'scented ribbons, rice powderballs and masks to "Les Merveilleuses," socially exulted women who frequented Thermidorian drawing rooms of Napoleonic France; and the "Incroyables," members of the subculture that mixed fashion and propaganda which emerged following the terror that was the immediate aftermath of the French Revolution of 1789.'
Worn by the likes of Joséphine and Pauline Bonaparte, as well as Queen Marie-Amelie and Marie Antoinette. If you were a crowned head of that time, you wore Lubin perfume.

Today, the perfume house still maintains the exclusive scent and superior quality, however it is now available to us regular folk. We may not have a crown on our head, but it sure does make us feel like royalty. When you wear Lubin perfume, you are wearing history.

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