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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A second skin. . .

Pink is LOVING the season of luxury knitwear. 
Our latest obsession is with Melbourne label, 'Skin and Threads'.......All natural yarns in sophisticated colours and styles.
Its 'throw on' charm and instant style makes for a love that grows with every wear.

Get addicted.
Be Cool.
AND be very warm..........

Love, Pink Ink X

Thursday, May 19, 2011

A little bit of hope. . .

Happy, colourful, thought out utilitarian pieces are just a few words Cathy Hope, of Douglas & Hope used to describe the Douglas & Hope  aesthetic . Gathering inspiration from everything from magazines, people, blogs, holidays and nature. Even the idea of living in an Amish community to observe the way they make their beautiful quilts would be Cathy’s idea of heaven.

Anyone who has bought a piece of Douglas & Hope will know just how addictive the label is. Once you have one beautiful cushion you want another, and then another, until the next thing you know your couch has turned into 'The Princess and the Pea.'

The gorgeous fabric, colour combinations and textures are truly stunning. You can see the thought that Cathy has put into each piece of Douglas & Hope. She personally co-ordinates every item, every lampshade, cushion combination and quilt. I think this is why you can feel the love with each piece you see. She has even turned her love to quirky melamine plates.

Pink is very excited about the latest delivery of Douglas & Hope cushions. They make the store pop with colour and put a smile on our faces every time we walk past one.

Give your couch, bed, life, a little bit of hope.

Love, Pink Ink X

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pink LOVES Cecil and Gunn. . .

We always like to share our latest and greatest passions and inspirations.
This one is about a gorgeous girl with lots of heart. Charlie Gunn, the creator and designer of the eclectic jewellery label, CECIL and GUNN.

Each piece of C & G is as individual as its creator. A clever mix of vintage and contemporary materials - beads, flowers, charms and ornaments, crafted and styled by a keen eye and a joyful spirit.

Charlie has a degree in Fine Art, majoring in sculpture then moving to silversmithing. Makes sense.... Each piece is like a jewellery sculpture.

Here are some pictures of the latest gorgeous collection about to land at Pink any moment.

"My favorite materials to use are always aged. I like to juxtapose the tough aged look with a bit of glitz and some floaty fabric. My jewellery has stemmed from the feeling or mood an object has created. To me, This is what makes jewellery special."

Charlie has also shared with us some special pics of her haven in Victoria, somewhere dreamy between the sea and a river.
The rise of the tides and the ebb and flow of the river may be the key to Charlie’s gentle demeanor. Or it just might be her family and very special cats. Especially Pony.

Come and see Charlie's jewels.

You will FALL IN LOVE.

Love, Pink Ink X

A labour of love. . .

Jane Pettersen, owner of Pink Ink has an amazing talent for turning every day objects into works of art. The way she cleverly styles and decorates her family home is a true extension of her quirky and passionate personality. A first for Canberra, Jane's home is the first Canberra home to be featured on the luxury interior design website The Design Files.

Jane's home is an explosion of colour and style that really indulges the senses and stimulates the spirit. . .

To see more beautiful photos, click the link below. (Photos by Peta Rudd)


Love, Pink Ink X

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

COLOUR is the NEW BLACK. . .

A headline like this does not come from the passionate lovers of BLACK at Pink, without it being a fashion faux pas to ignore the message.

And the message is LOUD.

It’s Colour, It’s Prints, It’s Leathers and Feathers that you will be wearing this Spring. And did we say Prints...?? Bold and audacious, many of you will have your boundaries pushed when the sun shines on us later in the year.

Bright oranges (tangerine, ginger, tamarillo... Call it what you will), yellows, pinks (our fav) and all tones of opulent berry have caused many 'front-rowers' to reach for their designer sunnies.

The effervescent 'Romance Was Born' opened the week in spectacular form on Sunday night. Their cleverness of mixing that wild bohemian vibe with such architectural precision is what true fashion design is about. We love that they just do their own thing...

Fernado Frisoni, Kirrily Johnson, Alex Perry and Zimmerman are but a few big names to strut their stuff and light up Sydney in these past four days of RAFW.

Pink loved the 'Fashion Design Studio Runway Innovators Show', the spotlight is on New Gen Designers... It’s their chance to shine.

Watch this space for more on Emma Mulholland. We predict she will have a big future. WOW !

ELLERY hits the runway tonight.
Can’t wait.
Grab those sunnies.

A sneak peek from one of the first shows to hit the Runway on Day One of RAFW.
WA label -FLANNEL - a LITTLE more subdued.

Grab YOUR lime patent heels and start walking...

Love, Pink Ink X