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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

La Romance...

If there is one thing we do religiously at PINK everyday, it’s that we have to light a candle. There is something so wonderfully mood elevating and calming about smelling the sweet scent and watching the flicker of the flame from a candle. It's so a part of us, that we even light one as soon as we get home.
So you can imagine our excitement when one of our favourite PINK designers, Romance Was Born collaborated with Elise Pioch, creator of candle house Maison Balzac to create LA ROMANCE... Think of bitter orange zest and cedar leaf, fir needles, crushed cypress and Peru balsam and patchouli... The scent is perfect for the Autumn/Winter season.
Treat yourself, light one, sit in your favourite chair with your favourite magazine and indulge in a La Romance.

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