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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Time for Therapy…

The end of the year is fast approaching and with it brings the opportunity to make a resolution list for the year to come... This list will no doubt include the following...

- Be kinder to myself
- Take more time to relax
- Visit the ocean more often
- Nourish my mind and soul
- Be healthier... Focus on wellness

All wonderful and positive things that would bring our soul much happiness if achieved.
Introducing OP Therapy... Ocean earth therapies for the body, mind and soul – Creating skin and health care therapies for wellness and beauty.
‘OP Therapy uses the highest quality natural ingredients from the ocean and earth to create products that are refreshingly fragranced, deliciously tactile, visually pleasing and surprisingly affordable, blended to deliver a complete sense of well-being. OP Therapy combines the purifying and relaxing properties of the ocean with the healing and nourishing powers of plant extracts and Emu Oil.’
Combining all the positive things we want to improve and achieve in the form of beauty products we can use at home........ Talk about ticking off the list!

Love, Pink Ink X

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