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Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Mulberry Monster...

As the Winter season comes to a close and we welcome the hope that in the coming months we will soon know the feeling of sun on our faces and a warm breeze through our hair. We stopped and remembered one giant love from the chilly season... That giant is the Mulberry Monster. This shaggy, loveable beast was illustrated by Emma Houlston and was inspired by Maurice Sendak’s book ‘Where The Wild Things Are'...Its inspiration crept into Mulberry’s designs through textural furry fabrics, mysterious prints, gothic lace and leather.
A gentle giant and a celebrity in his own right, The Mulberry Monster has appeared on cushions, tote bags and has giant models made in its honour... It’s fashion story-telling and the fantasy we adore. Emma’s advice if you happen to meet the Mulberry Monster “Hide your iPad. He’s really greedy and he’ll eat anything, including your gadgets. He might accidentally eat your handbag too!”... Sound advice.

Love, Pink Ink X

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