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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Clutching at... clutches?

Spring is a time for change, birds are singing, flowers blooming and bags are....... smaller? That’s right, apparently a little trend (like the pun?) this Spring is the rebirth of the clutch bag.

There is something quite feminine about a lady carrying a clutch. But we know what you’re all thinking, where to put all the necessities that we carry around in our Mary Poppins bag of tricks?? Well The Examiner New York, suggests that tote carrying ladies hire a locker! Harsh.

Maybe less is more? Don’t let size fool you, just because there is less space doesn’t mean that the style punch will be less. Think embellishment, bright fabrics and amazing leathers.

So Mary Poppins put that big bag aside and embrace a more demure look.

Love, Pink Ink X

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