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Thursday, May 19, 2011

A little bit of hope. . .

Happy, colourful, thought out utilitarian pieces are just a few words Cathy Hope, of Douglas & Hope used to describe the Douglas & Hope  aesthetic . Gathering inspiration from everything from magazines, people, blogs, holidays and nature. Even the idea of living in an Amish community to observe the way they make their beautiful quilts would be Cathy’s idea of heaven.

Anyone who has bought a piece of Douglas & Hope will know just how addictive the label is. Once you have one beautiful cushion you want another, and then another, until the next thing you know your couch has turned into 'The Princess and the Pea.'

The gorgeous fabric, colour combinations and textures are truly stunning. You can see the thought that Cathy has put into each piece of Douglas & Hope. She personally co-ordinates every item, every lampshade, cushion combination and quilt. I think this is why you can feel the love with each piece you see. She has even turned her love to quirky melamine plates.

Pink is very excited about the latest delivery of Douglas & Hope cushions. They make the store pop with colour and put a smile on our faces every time we walk past one.

Give your couch, bed, life, a little bit of hope.

Love, Pink Ink X

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  1. Douglas and Hope is a favorite of mine too. Love their colorful cushions. Great blog too :) Abbey x