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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

An ode to Lonsdale St. . .

This fabulous painting is an ode to the guts and the glory of our beloved Lonsdale St.

Our bohemian, grunge haven of car yards, panel beaters and avant-garde boutiques is shifting rapidly.

Right now it is a demolition site. Cranes. Barricades. Dust. . .
With huge glossy posters of a multi storied, shiny future.

Moving forward?

They say you can never stop change. Maybe not.

But in this change it is imperative we retain the true character of the urban landscape that the inner-north represents.

With this art, our heritage will be stamped permanently in delicious technicolour on the outside wall of Pink Ink.

At least until they try to pull us down. . .

Love, Pink Ink X

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